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Fujifilm X-T10 Compact System Camera (16 MP, CMOS Sensor, XF 18-55 mm Lens)


The XT10 is one of the best & professional looking camera's on the market today and has a superior Enhanced X-T design with compact magnesium body, lightweight and compact for comfortable shooting. Comes complete with lightweight XC16-50 mm (MKII) lens.

It boasts a Large APS-C 16M X-Trans CMOS II Sensor and Fast EXR Processor II for high speed performance combined with AutoFocus system with 3D, Zone and wide tracking modes for effortless capture of moving subjects.

This little beauty sports a brilliant AutoFocus system with 3D, Zone and wide tracking modes for effortless capture of moving subjects along with 25 degree, 2.36 m dot OLED electronic viewfinder - the largest and fastest in its class with the shortest display lag time & is also equipped with Balanced handling and grip for comfortable shooting, compatible with Fujifilm X series lenses, I love this sturdy, well built & Professional looking little camera. BUY NOW

Pentax K-50 DSLR Camera

The Pentax K-50 DSLR is a Stunning piece of technology! Pure Quality in your hands!The Control & Functions are easy to use & are nicly explained in the 300 page manual which at first may be overwhelming but is not complicated to follow & comes with the package. The AUTO feature means that for a beginner (like me!) you can get Brilliant results, it also has a lovely viewing screen & a built-in Flash with a clever little pop-up logo which closes with a click in case you would rather use Natural Light for your exposures, it has a Brilliant feature for recording movies etc; and has a rather sensitive microphone if you are recording in stormy conditions but all in all this is a great little Camera which will bring you many hours of pleasure! BUY NOW




Panasonic DMC-GM5KEB-K Compact System Camera with 12-32mm Lens

The DMC-GM5KEB-K Compact System Camera is a Magnificant Camera which will have you shooting High Quality images like a Pro once you have it in your hands!

Beautifully Compact Camera with a host of features such as an acutely fast Lens which is extremely usedul as it's also a Zoom! Is Fantastic in Low Light & you can take nice sharp images in a room dimly lit at 1/30s, It's other features include, Remote Shooting / Remote View,EasyShare,Geotagging,Instant Transfer,Creative Control,Creative Panorama & Monochrome in Photo Style! BUY NOW



Meet the Sony WX500 —

This Baby Camera with a Big heart gives you absolutely brilliant results with the capability of a Zeiss 30x optical zoom lens. you can carry this little beauty in your pocket thus making sure it's on hand to take those star quality shots in the blink of an eye. the Sony WX500 is a sturdy well made camera with a long lasting battery. The fully charged lithium-ion battery of the WX500 provides enough power to shoot approximately 400 stills or record approximately 75 minutes of movie footage and it's Intelligent Active Mode, featuring Sony's frame-analysis technology and 5-axis7 image stabilisation, compensates for camera shake. meaning, No Blurring of images/video. Another great feature of this grand little camera is it's One Touch Remote and One touch sharing which lets you transfer your Photos and Videos,. Install Play Memories Mobile app to your NFC enable Android smartphone or tablet, to avoid complex set-up sequences and establish wireless connection simply touch your device to the camera. No NFC? No problem. You can also pair the devices manually. BUY NOW

Nikon D7200 Digital SLR Camera Body (24.2 MP, Wi-Fi, NFC) 3.2-Inch LCD Screen.

This is a professional looking camera with a whole host of settings that are customisable and just perfect for shooting Nature and Wildlife images of great quality and clarity, the same can be said for it's brilliant video feature. With it's built-in WI-FI and NFC it's so easy to upload professional looking images via your smart device, the Nikon D7200 has a good Auto focus which is a great help if you're just learning photography.This camera comes with double SLD slots which insures you have heaps of Memory,built with a durable body which is both dust & weatherproof this excellent camera will have you shooting like a Professional in no time.




The Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, Mirrorless digital compact Camera system.

This Fantastic Camera presents with a host of improvments, notably with Enhanced 5- axis Image Stabiliser with capabilities for very impressive Video creation. Looking at this camera the first thing that strikes you is it's closeness to the original OM family and all the controls are neatly laid out for easy use so it's almost 2nd nature to operate it at High Speed. The Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II is Brilliant for creative High Quality Images & Video alike, with this little Beauty you can create 40 - megapixel Images with Amazing detail, this is aided by the strong 5-axis image stabilisation technology, which eliminates camera-shake in all planes of movement, thereby achieving the equivalent of 5 EV steps faster shutter speed. which is built into the camera body ,so will work when using any lens. with this attractive camera retaining it's family classic good looks and ease of use you can take your photographic skills to the next level. here are a few Features of The Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, 16-Megapixel LIVE MOS sensor,Extremely quick Fast AF,The most powerful* 5-axis in-body Image Stabilization system,Spectacular 40-Megapixel composite still shot capability,Dust, splash and freezeproof housing,1080 Full HD 60p video with flexible frame rates,3” vari-angle touchscreen. BUY NOW


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